Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I rambled on about life, love and everything else I know nothing about (and probably won't be able to recollect later on). But I still went on like I was the authority on all of it. Verbal diarrhea. It happens to me. Maybe you listened. Maybe it seemed like it because you were quiet and probably off in your own universe. Oh, maybe praying for me to shut up. At the back of my clouded head, a small voice told me i will be regretting this but it didn't matter. I rarely listen to it.

Well, I am where I am. You're off somewhere. The small voice comes out again, stronger this time. Still, it don't matter. The moment has passed. So have I. So have you.

If we bump into each other again. Maybe I would be quiet then.Oh, maybe I would ramble more on about life, love and everything else I know little about, only because the moment would feel just about right.


  1. You should have waited for 3 more days and then update your blog. That way, it would have been exactly 1 year since you last updated :D :P

    Hoping to see more of you this year. People come and go all the time. That's life. Don't worry. Ramble on! :)